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2019 Community Kite Festival Kites whale shark

2019 Community Kite Festival Photos

October 31, 2019

Wow! What a fabulous day was had at the 2019 Community Kite Festival at The Edge, Baldivis.

Residents arrived at 2pm to the beautiful open lawned oval within the estate. Kite specialist and Exhibition Manager, Mr. Michael Alvarez from Kinetic Kites, was there to demonstrate his beautiful kites and amazing kite flying skills.

Upon arrival, attendees were greeted with a wonderful display of kites – a row of magnificent 6m high bamboo poles supporting beautifully coloured kites gracefully dancing through the gentle breeze. There was even an enormous whale shark kite on display that kept us all in awe of this magnificent kite demonstration.

Children and parents were invited to make and create their own kites under the gentle and skillful direction of Janet Ann Meyer and her assistants. Parents and children seemed to thoroughly enjoy this kite making experience. The success in flying their kites kept everyone enthralled and occupied for many happy hours throughout the afternoon.

A themed Scooby Doo bouncy castle, from Castles R Us and a playdough table was available to entertain the little ones.

The Delish Ice cart, ladened with fresh fruit popsicles and yummy ice creams, were freely available to everyone attending.

All in all it was a fabulous community event with everyone having a wonderful, happy experience.

Thank you to all who attend and to those who assisted and contributed on the day. Thank you Perron Group for spoiling our residents by creating such a wonderful event. Check the photos below or our Facebook page for some video.

2019 Community Kite Festival Baldivis Flying Kites



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