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Living Outside The Box

July 26, 2018

We all tend to stick with what we know, because it’s what makes us feel comfortable. But when buying land, it can pay off to think outside the square (literally!). Read our quick guide below to find out how you can outdo the Jones’.

1. Big Head (Extra Wide Frontage):

  • Great for a triple garage on a budget.
  • Appealing street frontage, makes the house look bigger than it is.
  • Low maintenance backyard.
  • Plenty of room for the big boys toys.
  • Be big, be bold and be quick here.

2. A Bit of Junk in the Trunk (Wide Rear Corner Lot):

  • Huge backyard on a budget.
  • Side access for a shed, or caravan.
  • Build your home facing the side street for a wide country style home.
  • Hoard your stash in this baby.

3. Over The Fence Is Out (Small Frontage Wide Rear)

  • Low maintenance front yard.
  • Bigger backyard than a standard square lot.
  • Great with courtyard style homes.
  • Does our wide rear look big here?

4. Penny Pincher (Regular Corner Lot)

  • Cheaper than a standard lot.
  • Same dimensions as a standard lot (Same sized house).
  • Side access for a shed or caravan.
  • Get your sticky fingers on one of these here.

To get more advice about living on the Edge, call Jared on 0488 600 344.

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