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The information on this website is presented for information purposes only and does not constitute nor is intended to constitute an offer to sell or a representation, term or condition in respect of any offer to purchase which may be made by any prospective buyer or acceptance by the seller of any such offer. Prices and availability shown on this website are indicative only and may be subject to change without notice. Other costs and fees may be payable, including but not limited to: stamp duty, settlement/registration fees, legal/conveyancing fees and finance costs. Prospective buyers are advised to make their own enquiries.

No representation or warranty is made that the statements and information on this website are accurate, current or complete, and prospective buyers should make their own enquiries to satisfy themselves about the matters contained in or referred to in this website. Liability to the extent permitted by law is disclaimed for any loss or damage which may arise from any person relying on or acting on any statements or information contained in or referred to in this website, including without limitation diagrammatic representations or measurements contained therein. Pictures are for illustrative purpose only. Plans are subject to council and other regulatory approvals.

House and Land Disclaimer

The Edge Baldivis is not:

  • any of the builders;
  • a related entity to any of the builders;
  • acting as agent for any of the builders;
  • in a joint venture or partnership with any of the builders,

referred to in the House and Land section of this website. The Edge Baldivis does not receive any referral fee, commission or other payment from any of the builders in respect of the House and Land packages referred to on this website.

The material and information contained on this website in relation to any house design is prepared and provided solely by the respective builder, not by The Edge Baldivis, and is indicative only. The Edge Baldivis is not in any way responsible or liable for the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information shown in relation to the house designs contained on this website. All illustrations and floor plans shown on this website are indicative only. A floor plan included on this website may differ from the house design shown on the relevant builder’s website.

The availability of a House and Land package is subject to the availability of the relevant lot in the estate.

The House and Land package prices referred to on this website are indicative only and the prices (and their components) are subject to change from time to time. The house component price may depend on the characteristics of the particular lot and any variations to the builder’s standard specifications, finishes and inclusions. It is the prospective buyer’s responsibility to confirm the final price of the land component with The Edge Baldivis’ selling agent, Land4Sale, and the final price of the house component with the relevant builder directly.

Prospective buyers who are interested in a House and Land package must communicate directly with the relevant builder in relation to all aspects of the home design and the terms of the building contract, including but not limited to:

  • the price of the house component and all inclusions; and
  • the size, measurements, configuration and layout of the home that can be built on the specific lot.

The Edge Baldivis accepts no liability in respect of these matters.

Persons interested in a House and Land package referred to on this website will be required to enter into two separate contracts, one for the purchase of the land (which will be prepared by Land4Sale) and one in relation to the building contract for the house (which will be prepared by the relevant builder). The prospective buyer must deal directly with the relevant builder to agree the terms of the building contract. The contract of sale for the land and the building contract are separate and distinct. A buyer who has entered into a contract for the purchase of land will be required to proceed with the purchase even if the buyer does not proceed with the building contract.


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