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Where The Savvy Investors Buy

Smart investors know to buy early in quality estates in the best location. The Edge has a secluded feel, yet you can walk to the shops and pop straight on the freeway.

They also know that good schools create sustained demand for houses. So, $16 million was invested for the Edge to have a brand new Primary School with all the latest education, art and music facilities.

A safe, friendly community is also important – we all want good neighbours. We are a private estate with no state housing. And in developing the highest quality estate in the area, we attract high quality people, like you.


Huge Population Growth

  • The population in Baldivis increased by over 400% in the 10 years to 2016.
  • The Baldivis population doubled in the 5 years to 2016.
  • There’s now over 30,000 people living in Baldivis.



Strong Rental Potential

  • The Baldivis vacancy rate for rentals is lower than the Perth average (3.7% Baldivis vs 4.1% Perth). This can be a good indicator of strong demand for rental properties in Baldivis.
  • The Gross Median Rental Yield for houses in Baldivis is higher than Perth (4.29% Baldivis vs 3.67% Perth).

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Invest In The Highest Quality Development

The land developer is Perron Developments Pty Ltd, a 100% owned company of the Perron Group. The Perron Group’s main business activities are property investments and Toyota distribution. The Group has built shopping centres such as Cockburn Central, commercial office buildings and other residential land estates.

It’s our aim to have THE best estate in any suburb. Visit the Edge yourself and see the quality of the sports oval, nature playground, walkways, cycleways and parks. We are biased, but we think we got there.

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